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Everything you need to know about digital X-ray imaging.

Digital X-rays are the next step in the evolution of technology. It produces images faster, emits less radiation, and does not require dangerous processing.

We use digital X-rays for our patients’ comfort. You may not be showing signs or symptoms of dental related issues, but still, there is the possibility for trouble to hide below your gum line. Dental X-rays help dental professionals by showing images of the oral cavity that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

At Smiline Dentistry, our specially trained staff takes care to properly protect our patients while efficiently executing the X-ray process in order to get exact X-rays every time, the first time.

To be precise, digital X-ray machines capture the image of your mouth, or a portion of your teeth, in a black and white version which is viewable instantly on a monitor in our office. Digital sensors replace the photographic film that is associated with traditional X-ray machines. The greatest benefit of a digital X-ray image is the immediate results and viewing capability.

Creating Milton’s Most Confident Smiles

At Smiline Dentistry, we have embraced the technology advancements made in the dental industry because of their efficiency, amazing quality, and precision. Our advanced digital X-ray machine captures your teeth and bones, projecting it as a radiographic image, so the inner workings of your oral cavity are viewable.

Above all, our primary purpose is your comfort. We take pride in providing an atmosphere that is calming and friendly and an experience that is always positive.

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